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Saturday, February 23



Adventures with Endangered and Formerly Endangered Plant Species TBAStephen Packard Amphibian Community Dynamics, Health, and Stress Response to Oak Woodland Restoration TBAAllison Sacerdote-Velat An Exploration of Wildlife-Inspired Awe TBADr. Jonathan Hicks Artecito: Art Creation that Deepens Environmental Understanding TBAAlma Dominguez • Ali Scheiderman Birds in the Garden: Tips for Creating and Enjoying a Bird Oasis TBAPam Karlson Creating a Forum to Discuss Urban Green Space Through the Lens of Community Health and Safety TBAForrest Cortes • Lisa Hyatt • Jennifer Idrovo • Daniella Pereira Empowering Youth, the Culturally Relevant Way! TBAAngelique Acevedo • Aasia Mohammad Castañeda • Karina Garcia • Hannah Huang • Julian Lara • Yoalix Melendez • Robb Telfer • Justin Tran • Si Yuan Ye Geology of the Chicago Region TBADavid Dolak • Lorrie Ward Identification of Shorebirds and Their Distribution in the Chicago Area TBAGeoffrey Williamson Oak Ecosystem Restoration: Using Historical Forest Dynamics to Inform Management for a Resilient Future TBARoss Alexander • Christine Rollinson • Bethany Zumwalde Shinrin-yoku: Connect with the Wild Things in Nature and You TBAJodi Trendler Social Media: The Modern Digital Ecosystem TBAAmy Calhoun • Jordyn Holliday • Paolo Mazza SPLIT SESSION: Inspiring Help and Community Engagement / The Friends of Cook County Forest Preserves TBAPatrcia Hayes • Eriko Kojima • Radhika Miraglia • Hillary Peters The Climate Reality Project: Climate Advocacy in the Midwest TBALucia H Whalen The Fruits of Our Labor TBAKelly Schultz Urban Ecology on Chicago's South Lakefront TBAAlyssa Ayen • Luis Cabrales • Jacob Campbell • Nataly Diaz • Michelle Giles • Brittany Janney • Jackson Yow • Monica Zakariya You Don't Know What You've Got 'Til Its Gone—Protecting the Natural Land of Illinois TBAArthur Pearson


Advocating for Bird-Friendly Buildings in the Chicago Area TBACarl Giometti • Claire Halpin • Annette Prince • Allison Sloan Bumble Bee Biology, Identification, Decline, and Conservation TBABrittany Buckles • Stephanie Frischie • Terry Miesle • Alan J. Molumby • Tomasz Przybyłowicz Chicago Nature: Spreading the Good Word TBAMike MacDonald Dismantling Climate Deniers' Arguments TBAJulie Sacco Effective Use of Social Media for Stewards and Conservation Organizations TBABrian Basilico • Jim Cudney • Caitlynn Martinez-McWhorter • April M. Williams Implementing Regional Standardization of Ecological Restoration Practices: Working together to train volunteers in invasive species management and leadership TBAKurt Dreisilker • Trinity Pierce Lessons on Propagating Rare Plants TBALuke Dahlberg • Rob Sulski Models of Early Childhood Education on Public Lands TBARobin Cline • Jessica Fong • Emilian Geczi • Eileen Prendergast • Teresa Weed PHNRC - How We Created a Successful Stewardship OrganizationJohn Kamysz • Ed Madden • Seth Marcus • Jill Moskal • Dana Sievertson • Agnes Wojnarski Programa ProTEJA: A Partnership for the Conservation of Nature and Empowerment of Communities TBAMaria Herrera • Ana Ruiz Perez • Ali Scheiderman SPLIT SESSION: Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Outreach / Lake Michigan Meteorite Hunt (The Aquarius Project!) TBAMarc Fries • Jennika Greer • Mark Hammergren • Philipp Heck • Greg Hitzroth • Shane Larson • Philip Willink SPLIT SESSION: Assessing The Chicago Area’s Contribution to Broader-scale Grassland Bird Conservation Efforts / The Effects of Bison Reintroduction on Grassland Bird Nest Success in Tallgrass Prairie TBAHeather Herakovich • Jim Herkert • Daniel Suarez SPLIT SESSION: Keeping Crown Vetch, Teasel and Purple Loosestrife at Bay at a High-Quality Preserve / Callery Pear: The Invasive Trojan Horse TBAPatrcia Hayes • Eriko Kojima SPLIT SESSION: Secretive Marsh Birds in the Big City / Cook County's Swamp Chicken… AKA the King Rail TBAAnastasia Rahlin • Charles Rizzo SPLIT SESSION: The Past, Present, and Future of TreeKeepers / Project Quercus: Conserving Oaks on Private Land in McHenry County TBALisa Haderlein • Al De Reu SPLIT SESSION: Wetland Birds and Hybrid Cattail Invasion / Nature Boardwalk: A Naturalized Ecosystem for Native Chicago Wildlife / Is Urbanization Impacting the Sex Ratio of Painted Turtles in Lake County, IL? TBAGary G. Glowacki • Kurtis Himmler • Richard B. King • Jazmin Rios • John P. Vanek The Tallgrass Prairie: Grocery Store, Apothecary, and Love Shop TBACindy Crosby




Birds as a Connection to Nearby Nature TBAJohn Cawood • Lillian Holden Building a Vibrant Stewardship Community: Our Adventures at Somme TBAEriko Kojima Climate Change: A Tale for Our Time TBACynthia Linton • Gregory T. Rajsky Conservation@Home – Going Beyond Our Borders TBANina Baki • Val Kehoe Foundation of the Prairie: Soil Biology and Function TBAElizabeth Bach Frogs and Toads of the Chicago Region TBAMatt Hokanson From Prairies to Rain Gardens: Climate Change Adaptation for Chicago Wilderness Grasslands TBAAbigail Derby Lewis • Katherine Moore Powell • Douglas Stotz Measuring the Sustainability Benefits of Urban Agriculture: A Case Study TBAJohn Zahina-Ramos Of Oak Trees and Little Animals TBAThomas B. Simpson Restoring Multi-Layered Habitat in a Migrant Bird Hotspot TBAJudy Pollock • Jeff Skrentny • Derek Ziomber The Battle for Our Wetlands: How to use Warrior Sedges to Fight Against Wetland Invasives TBAKevin Scheiwiller The Impact of Public/Private Partnerships TBAShelley Davis The Nuts and Bolts of Community Engagement TBAAnnette Anderson The Prairie Sings to Me: City Poets Write of the Country TBAPaul Durica The State of Chicago Wilderness Grasslands and their Management TBAJim Herkert • Daniel Suarez Where Do Blue-spotted Salamanders Spend the Summer? TBAKaren Glennemeier Wild Indigo Nature Explorations: A Model Framework for Building Culturally-Resonant Programs in Collaboration with Communities of Color TBASanaa Green • Charmeise Jackson • Carina Ruiz


Beetles, Spiders and Mites Oh-My: An Introduction to Entomology and its Use in Restoration and Educational Efforts in Chicago Wilderness TBAJosé-Cristian Martínez Bobcat—Illinois' Native Cat TBAChristopher Jacques • Jennifer Kuroda Broadening the Base: Community Outreach and Engagement TBANina Baki • Brandon Hayes • Mila Marshall Climate Change in the Chicago Area TBAJim Angel Good News and Bad News TBANRES • Tricia Bethke • Claudia Boothe • Eleanor Schumacher Grant Funding Options for Illinois Natural Areas from Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation TBABrekke Bounds • Jolie Krasinski Is the Glass Half Full? The Science and Art of Science Communication TBAMaggie Warren Living on the Edge: Rare Plants in Ravine, Bluff, and Dune Communities TBADaniella DeRose • Gretel Kiefer Love Warblers? Give Lots of Love to LaBagh! TBAJeff Skrentny People, Places, and Prehistory: The Environment(s) of Metro Chicago TBAClare Tolmie SPLIT SESSION: Innovative Partnership for Habitat Restoration on a Regional Scale / Transforming a 2-Acre Sedge Meadow Surrounded by Buckthorn into 90 Acres of Excellence with No Budget: It’s Called Yonder Pr... TBAKarl Gnaedinger • Melissa Grycan • Kim Kreiling • Dr. Lauren Umek The Impact of the Approach TBADebra Williams The Power of Art to Engage, Inspire & Inform TBABarbara Cooper • Christine Esposito The Vanishing Native Shrub Layer TBAKelsay Shaw Urban Dune Restoration (Re-creation) TBAAlison Anastasio • John Henry Drake • Edward Warden • Ann Whelan Wilding the Pavement for Nature Play TBAWill Hudson • Christina Martin • Lea Schweitz Winter Tree and Shrub Identification TBARebecca Collings


A Photographic Journey of the Calumet Region TBASusan Kirt Acoustic Ecology: A Socially-Engaged Sonic Arts Approach in Urban and Natural Environments TBAEric Leonardson Bird Conservation in the Forest Preserves of Cook County TBAJim Herkert • Stephen Packard • Judy Pollock • Laurel Ross Bridging the Gap Between Knowledge and Restoration Using Technology for Adaptive Management in the Fight Against Invasive Phragmites. TBAWill Overbeck Building A Weather-Ready Nation TBAMike Bardou • Ricky Castro Cavity-nesting Birds in Chicago's Cemeteries TBAAlexis Smith Chicago Urban Greenprint: Combining Social and Environmental Data to Determine Target Locations for Conservation in Cook County TBANora Beck • Sarah Hagen • John Legge Discussing the New Illinois Fires Accomplished Map: What Gets Measured Gets Done TBADave Hoffman • Bill Kleiman Friends of the Chicago River: A Q&A on How to Build an Environmental Organization TBAMargaret Frisbie • Andrew Herrmann Healing People and the Planet TBADani Abboud • Catherine Game I Don't See as Many Butterflies as I Used To. Is This Statement Really True? TBAAllen Lawrance • Doug Taron iNaturalist Workshop TBAcassi saari Mosses of the Chicago Region: What Little We Know, and Where We Go TBAEdward Warden Oak Roots: Their Life From Acorn to Oak Tree TBAConnor Shaw On the Banks of the (Pre-Contact) Little Calumet TBAMelissa Baltus The Driftless Reader: Exploring a Literature of Place TBAKeefe Keeley • Curt Meine Women in Conservation TBAMelina Frezados


A Day in the Life of a Field Biologist TBAChris Benda Citizen Scientist Stories from All-star Bird Monitors TBAStephanie Beilke • Diane Hicks I Love the Trash Forest: Invading Invaded Woodlands TBAAlex Enarson • Sol Hinami • Kathleen Soler People and Places: the Foundation for the Evolution of Ecological Restoration in the Midwest TBAPeter C. Smiley Jr. • Christian Lenhart SPLIT SESSION: Baltimore Checkerspots Are Remarkable: Mark and Recapture Study and Habitat Restoration for One of the Iconic Butterflies in the Chicago Region / Using Radio Telemetry to Monitor Movements of Common... TBAJuanita Armstrong-Ullberg • Jared Bilak • Liza Lehrer • Jessica Prince • Greg Rajsky • Tom Valet • Robin Warne • Matt Whiles • Philip Willink SPLIT SESSION: Distribution of Flying Squirrels in DuPage County / White-tailed Deer in the Chicago Area TBABrian Kraskiewicz • Michael Neri SPLIT SESSION: Habitat Potential of Post-industrial Landscapes / Novel Ecosystems : What's All the Fuss About? TBAAlison Anastasio • Thomas B. Simpson • Dr. Lauren Umek SPLIT SESSION: Headwater Streams - An Aquatic Menagerie in your Neighborhood or Backyard / Plum Creek Stream Restoration: Lessons Learned from Six Years of Planning, Engineering, and Permitting that Led to Thirty... TBADers Anderson • Josh Arrigoni • Laura Barghusen • Aaron Feggestad • Chip O'Leary • Zach Taylor SPLIT SESSION: How to Monitor 2500 Shrubs Planted by Volunteers in an Urban Forest Preserve—A Learning Experience / Rapid Floristic Quality Assessment as a Stewardship Tool TBAJamie Doherty • Mark Hauser • Linda Marton SPLIT SESSION: Pilot Study on the Importance of Patch Size to Urban Monarch Butterfly Larval Survivorship / Can Suburbs and Small Towns Save the Monarch Butterfly? / Monarch Moms: Cultures of Ecological Care in... TBAJessica Ross • Alexis Winter SPLIT SESSION: Singing Insect Range Boundaries / Diversity and Ecology of Pollinator Flies in Chicago Area TBACarl Strang SPLIT SESSION: Understanding Ecological Corridors Along the Chicago River System / Lessons Learned in Grassland and Wetland Restoration with a Bird Habitat Focus TBAAndrew Donakowski • Linda Masters • Heidi Natura • Judy Pollock SPLIT SESSION: Writing Urban Nature: Engaging the City Landscape in the Field and Online / Beasts of the Page and Pavement: Natural History, Both Imagined and Real TBAMike Bryson • Liam Heneghan • Gavin Van Horn The Bees of the Southern Lake Michigan Region and Their Ecological Significance TBALaura Anchor The Food System Chain Game TBAEliza Fournier Turning Buckthorn Into Toys and Kids Into Stewards TBASean Shaffer • Sarah Sheldon Urban Symbiosis: A Discussion on the Impact of Natural Areas’ Stewardship on Human Communities TBAForrest Cortes • Katie Flores • Breeze Fromm-Sarto • Carla Lents • Ann Whelan